About VNovus

Real Life in A Different World!

What is VNovus

VNovus’ goal is to provide a curated and pleasant way for everyone to explore and adapt to virtual reality.

By driving VR forward, not only will we help the transition to the technology but unlock the unprecedented perspectives VR brings, extending its impact for all.

Our Team

Our love of VR may have brought us together but it’s our love of fun that keeps us together.

VNovus is a diverse group of programmers, designers, marketers, accountants, and perfectionists all united by the same vision: to deliver an exceptional VR entertainment experience. Whether we’re building the tools that bring you VR content, producing the content itself, or simply introducing you to the thrills of virtual reality, our passion for this exciting technology remains constant. Come and explore with us!


The one with the stopwatch!


The one with the hammer!


The one with the spreadsheet!


The one with the ruler!


The one with the screwdriver!