VNovus Work

Awe-inspiring creation and curation of a virtual world!


Whether it’s games in a cabinet or books on a shelf, Vorbus is VNovus’s home base in a virtual world, where content is organized and interacted with in a real-world manner, unlocking fresh VR experiences in a familiar setting.

Vorbus will be the first interactive VR content management portal that enables users to browse, to locate, and to interact with games and movies like in the real world!


At the center of the VNovus experience is VRPlayin, an interactive entertainment center located in the heart of Toronto.

Created to provide an all-encompassing VR environment from start to finish, VRPlayin brings a tailored approach to what virtual reality can offer to all users.

Whether you’re an expert or it’s your first foray with virtual reality, VRPlayin delivers world class VR content in a manner unlike any other on the market today.